From the regulatory framework to the IT system – we understand the connections

Hardly any other industry is as strongly determined by regulatory and political interventions as the energy industry. Energy policy and regulation form a central area of expertise for E-Bridge, based on many years of experience since the beginnings of “deregulation in the 90s”.

E-Bridge has been actively involved in the design of access rules, incentive regulation schemes and network tariff structures in Germany and other European countries, such as the Netherlands, the UK, Norway, etc., and is a respected consulting firm among political institutions and regulators as well as regulated companies for its practical experience today.

E-Bridge accompanies its customers in a target-oriented and practical way

Our second core competency is specialized business and implementation consulting. From the development and coordination of corporate strategies to the design and optimization of business processes and the specification and selection of supporting IT systems, E-Bridge supports its clients in a targeted and practical manner. The focus is on every stage of the value chain, from grid and system operation, through generation and wholesale, to sales and decentralized generation and load management.

Area of competence transmission systems

  • Strategy and management
  • System development and investment planning
  • Market integration and operation
  • System operation and regional coordination

Area of competence distribution systems

  • Strategy and management
  • Asset management and investments
  • Grid management and digitalisation
  • Regulation management and concepts

Area of competence energy markets and hydrogen

  • Market design
  • Hydrogen economy
  • Risk management and Green PPA
  • Energy scenarios and regulation

Area of competence in program and project management

  • European market integration
  • Professional project management
  • Risk and budget management
  • Coordination of stakeholders

Area of competence due diligence

  • Technical due diligence
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Regulatory due diligence
  • Transaction analysis and report preparation

Area of competence digitalisation

  • Development of IT strategies
  • Application and system specification
  • IT project and test management
  • System analysis and process design