H2 Indices


We are specialists in the electricity and gas industry

E-Bridge is a management consultancy with expertise in energy that supports by helping with complex, strategically relevant, innovative and multidisciplinary challenges of the energy transition. We bridge the gap between strategy consulting and implementation responsibility.

A team of 45 consultants combines excellent academic expertise in technology, engineering and economics with international best practice experience. The core region of our activities is Northern and Central Europe – where the energy transition is in full swing.

Competence area transmission systems

  • Strategy and management
  • System development and investment planning
  • Market integration and operation
  • System operation and regional coordination

Competence area distribution systems

  • Strategy and management
  • Asset management and investments
  • Grid management and digitalisation
  • Regulation management and concepts

Competence area energy markets and due diligence

  • Market design
  • Risk management and Green PPA
  • Energy scenarios and regulation
  • Due Diligence

Competence area hydrogen

  • Design of a trans-European H2 market
  • Target network planning for gas network operators
  • Development of H2 demand scenarios
  • Assessment of the regulatory framework for an H2 market

Competence area in program and project management

  • European market integration
  • Professional project management
  • Risk and budget management
  • Coordination of stakeholders

Competence area digitalisation

  • Development of IT strategies
  • Application and system specification
  • IT project and test management
  • System analysis and process design