We look back with enthusiasm on our Building Bridges symposium two weeks ago, which was a complete success! It was an intensive day full of exciting contributions and discussions on the future of the European and German energy transition. There was a strong consensus on the need for cooperation and hopefully one or the other could be started at the following evening event.

Many thanks to all our guests and especially to the participants of our panel discussions! We are already looking forward to the next anniversary with you.

Core Messages Recap

Integrated European Energy System Development: Highlighting the need for a collaborative and standardized approach to developing a cost-effective, secure, and green power system.

Flexibility and Technological Integration: Emphasizing the importance of integrating diverse technologies and regions, ensuring the availability of critical technologies like battery storage, and expanding large-scale storage and “H2-ready” gas plants and the important role of flexibility in market, grid and also in regulation.

Global and Regional Cooperation: Stressing the necessity of strong partnerships and cooperation at both European and global levels to achieve energy transition goals, with a focus on hydrogen market development and local contributions to energy security.

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Dr. Henning Schuster
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