Article on the synchronization of renewable energy expansion and grid capacities in high-voltage networks ew 6/23

In some regions of the E.DIS high-voltage grid, up to 15% of renewable energy generation is curtailed. The reason behind this is that the expansion of renewable energy is happening much faster than the grid infrastructure can keep up. Existing grid capacities are insufficiently considered during the expansion of renewable energy. The goal should be to integrate as much renewable energy into the grid as possible, despite the lagging grid expansion. It is necessary to provide incentives for the temporal and spatial synchronization of renewable energy expansion and existing grid capacities. The Redispatch Reservation proposes a “bridge” until the grid expansion takes place and provides incentives for locations with “unrestricted access” for renewable energy injection. This way, despite significant grid constraints in generation regions, more renewable energy can be utilized, and unnecessary costs for end customers can be avoided.

Read the full article (German language only) published by E-Bridge in collaboration with e.dis:


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