On June 21, the successful project kick-off for “Asset Management” took place, where our colleagues, together with the management and project team of LEW, embarked on the further development of asset management. The goal was to establish a value-oriented and risk-based asset management that meets the requirements of ISO 55001. E-Bridge contributes a best practice approach specifically designed for distribution system operators, which breaks down the general requirements for the network business. In doing so, we are addressing the challenges of the energy transition and even staying one step ahead of them through consistent implementation.

LEW`s CEO Josef Wagner stated, “In recent years, we have strongly focused on efficiency. Now, as a company and as an industry, we are on a growth trajectory. We must take this path in order to implement the ambitious goals of the energy transition in the distribution network.”

A holistic and structured asset management approach will help us:

✅ Gain transparency on needs and risks

✅ Make informed, risk-based decisions efficiently

✅ Enable prioritization among numerous urgent needs—(digitalization of low voltage, expansion of high voltage, and maintenance of existing facilities)

✅ Ensure legally compliant documentation of decisions and activities

✅ Streamline processes and avoid endless discussions

✅ Optimize resource allocation.

These measures will accelerate network expansion and improve optimization within the regulatory framework.

Marco Wagler, Head of Asset Management, emphasizes that we must “focus only on those things that truly propel us forward without wasting time on formalities.” E-Bridge supports us with extensive practical experience, encompassing not only the design of asset management systems but also all core areas of network operations—from target network planning and planning principles to network simulation, maintenance strategies, prioritization of measures, network connection process optimization, partner company management, and smartification of medium and low voltage.

Project leader Stefan Scherr provides an outlook on our next steps: “By the end of the year, we will establish the asset management system and have E-Bridge’s certification readiness confirmed. In 2024, we will further develop processes and technical strategies. This will lay the foundation for numerous structural improvements that will benefit us in our daily operations. We are delighted to have E-Bridge as an experienced, competent, and dedicated partner by our side.”

The E-Bridge portfolio includes:

Quick Check: Where do we stand compared to the norm-based best practice approach, and what are our most urgent areas for action?

Target Vision: What does a suitable target vision look like for our company? What do we need for it, and how can the transformation be pragmatically managed?

Implementation: How do we pragmatically and effectively shape processes, role models, risk management, prioritization criteria, documentation, etc.? How do I involve all stakeholders on the journey? How do I sustainably embed the changes?

Certification: How do I purposefully and successfully achieve certification?

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