Every year in Germany, costs of more than one billion euros are incurred for network and system security measures. A very large part of this is due to the so-called redispatch of the transmission system operators, for example to avoid grid congestions due to excessive feed-in of renewable energy systems.


In order to reduce these costs and to increase the plannability of the processes, the German Network Expansion Acceleration Act (NABEG) stipulates that from October 2021 all feed-in plants with a capacity of more than 100 kW must participate in the future redispatch process – including wind power and PV plants. Approximately 80,000 generation plants throughout Germany will be affected by “Redispatch 2.0” in the future – until now, transmission system operators have only used this process with approximately 80 conventional power plants. As more and more renewable energy plants feed into the grid, the process is now being expanded.

As a result, all grid operators in which corresponding systems are connected will have to develop new capabilities by October 2021, for example in the area of feed-in forecasts, grid status calculations or energy balancing. In Germany, this affects around 800 network operators.

Development of the best possible target system

86 small and medium-sized network operators in Bavaria have now joined forces to develop necessary skills together and thus as efficiently as possible. To this end, a virtual kick-off via web conference with almost 100 participants took place on 19 May 2020. The content of the project, which is organised by the cooperation companies KOS, KOV, kfE, City-USE and EGEVU and supported by E-Bridge, is initially the development of the best possible target system for all participating network operators.

Subsequently, the appropriate implementation is carried out. As the future process requires an intensive coordination of the network operation across voltage levels, a close coordination with all upstream network operators is planned.

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