The digital transformation creates the potential for growth through customer orientation and regionalization. The traditional value chain of generation, trade, network, and supply is regionally bound and makes possible new products and services. Aside from the potential for growth, digitalization creates the potential for efficiencies with regard to cost savings in the operative network business. The makeup of the workforce enables a future-oriented structural and personnel-focused transformation – therefore, it requires a target “Network Business 4.0″. The goals of the project are to increase the client’s potentials for efficiency and growth through the digital transformation.

In the first work package, the potential for efficiency is analyzed. Then, typical sources of efficiency in the current operative business were analyzed. Additionally, a future-oriented personnel strategy could be developed based on a middle-term target “Network Business 4.0″. The second work package is focused on the growth areas. In this work package, structured customer analyses and Porter’s 5 forces analyses were used to create a roadmap for product concepts for selected product areas.

  1. Structured customer analysis, product development and strategic positioning
  2. Concrete recommended actions for efficiency gains through digitalization in the current operative business
  3. Development of a middle-term target for the operative “Network Business 4.0”
  4. Derivation of a future-oriented personnel strategy for the operative network business
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