Under this title, our colleague Christian Kraemer has published an article in et magazine in collaboration with Kyon Energy and WEMAG Netz GmbH.

With the constantly increasing feed-in of volatile renewable generation plants and growing electrical consumption, flexibility in the system must be significantly increased. Storage systems can play a key role here. However, the current situation with regard to grid connection options for storage systems represents a significant obstacle to the effective and efficient utilisation of this technology from an overall economic perspective. In Kyon’s portfolio, for example, the main reasons for the failure of battery storage projects are currently the availability of grid connections in terms of time and excessively high grid connection costs.

We have summarised the current challenges and possible solutions together:

  • In addition to accelerating grid expansion in the distribution grid, clear regulatory rules must be created for the grid-friendly use of storage systems. It is particularly important to review and adapt the grid connection rules for storage projects.
  • In addition, the integration of storage facilities into the congestion management process and the regulation of the economic boundary conditions are necessary in order to achieve added value for the grid.

In order to meet the challenges of the energy transition, clear regulations and stable framework conditions are needed to make investments in storage more attractive and to ensure the efficient integration of storage systems into the grid.

Click here for the German e-magazine (€): et 11/2023 | „et“ – Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen (et-magazin.de)

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