As of January 1, 2025, all electricity suppliers in Germany must offer a dynamic tariff. This change will pose a major challenge for smaller electricity suppliers and municipal utilities in particular.
While many discussions center around the design of tariffs, the biggest challenges for (smaller) municipal utilities often relate to billing and procurement as well as the implementation of the necessary processes for a coherent overall concept.


For the billing of dynamic tariffs, (quarterly) hourly resolved price time series from the day-ahead or intraday market must be offset against the quarter-hourly consumption time series from the customers’ smart metering systems.


The type of procurement changes for dynamic tariffs. The previous procurement of small customer volumes via the futures market and on the basis of standard load profiles no longer applies and must be replaced by procurement via the day-ahead or intraday market. Due to the limited experience of many municipal utilities with pure spot procurement, resources must therefore be built up or new concepts developed with service providers.

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