The Dutch energy supplier Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation have built the largest battery storage system in Europe with 48 MW / 50 MWh at the time of commissioning (June 2018). For this purpose, the companies founded the joint subsidiary “EnSpireME” in Germany.
The battery storage system not only provides primary control power to stabilize the electricity grid in short-term in the event of frequency fluctuations in the course of volatile feed-in of renewable energies. EnSpireME has also initiated a pilot project involving the storage of locally produced surplus wind energy. This will not only reduce an overload on the grid, but will also create a financial advantage for the operator of the wind farm, since the surplus of wind generation can be stored temporarily and offered to the market, if the conditions are more favourable.

This pilot project allows for evaluation of potential market projects in connection with storages and contributes to the integration of renewable energies into the market. The state of Schleswig-Holstein supports the pilot project financially.

E-Bridge Consulting has supported the realization of the battery storage from the beginning throughout the development process, including the evaluation of the target markets, the development of potential products for the storage system, the clarification of regulatory issues at national and European level or the funding management.

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