The client planned to acquire the company Ferngas. As part of a formed consortium, E-Bridge was commissioned to evaluate the Ferngas company as a technical consultant. The objective of the investigations was to validate the planned investments in the near and distant future. The studies were to include various scenarios that looked at different, realistic developments. For the customer, the analyses provided important support for the intended purchase.

A key to the successful evaluation was the early and comprehensive study of the available information. At the same time, the future development of the gas infrastructure was analyzed. An essential part of the analyses was an in-depth study of the transformation of the infrastructure towards hydrogen. In order to enable the customer to make as well-founded a decision as possible, opportunities and risks of the future development were identified and explained. As a result of the analyses, different investment scenarios were designed and presented in detail. A final report prepared the results and thus served as a basis for decision-making for the customer.

The results of the analyses prepared in the report provided an essential decision-making basis for the formulation of the bid for long-distance gas. The results provided the customer with a holistic overview of future developments with regard to gas infrastructure in general and long-distance gas in particular. The derivation of the developments into investment plans provided the decisive added value of the technical analyses.

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