The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) has awarded E-Bridge Consulting the contract for HydexPLUS, making the full cost index the leading index for climate protection agreements.

“It is a great honor for us at E-Bridge that HydexPLUS has been selected as the leading index for climate protection agreements in the hydrogen sector. We are proud to make an active contribution to the development of the hydrogen economy in Germany. The development of ‘Hydex’ as the first cost index for hydrogen and its publication together with energate in 2021 already aimed to support the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy with an initial simple price indication. The fact that this has evolved into the official hydrogen leading index is a great achievement,” says Dr. Henning Schuster, Managing Director of E-Bridge Consulting.

With the climate protection agreements, the federal government aims to promote CO2 reduction in the industry by subsidizing the costs of climate-friendly technological alternatives in the mid-double-digit billion range. Since there is no trading market for hydrogen, HydexPLUS serves as a cost indicator for evaluating subsidies within the framework of climate protection agreements, as it reflects the production costs of green hydrogen. In anticipation of the first auction round, companies will bid based on the cost differences between conventional and climate-friendly production, with strict criteria according to the EU Taxonomy. The auction procedure is expected to start shortly, with the industry hoping for swift implementation.

“After the European Commission granted regulatory approval for the climate protection agreements in mid-February 2024, the bidding procedure can finally commence through the Ministry of Economy,” commented Dr. Philipp Heuser, Head of Hydrogen at E-Bridge Consulting. Projects and companies that participated in the preparatory process last year are expected to be invited to submit their bids via a call for proposals in the coming weeks.

E-Bridge Consulting supports energy-intensive companies and the energy industry in assessing and implementing the climate protection agreements. On April 10, 2024, E-Bridge Consulting will offer a free webinar on “HydexPLUS as the leading index for hydrogen promotion within the framework of climate protection agreements.”

Hydex wird Leitindex für Klimaschutzverträge – energate messenger+ (

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