E-Bridge has published the Hydex daily since March 2021 as a marginal cost index for the three main hydrogen generation technologies. The Hydex serves as a price indicator for hydrogen based on electricity, gas and CO2 prices. However, investment decisions require a full cost index that factors in investment costs and an operationally optimized number of full hours of use.

E-Bridge has therefore developed the HydexPLUS, the first full cost index for hydrogen, which is published on our website (Hydrogen Index) and on the energate messenger website from 01 April 2023.

With the HydexPLUS, the investment costs and an operation-optimized number of full usage hours are calculated in. With the help of the HydexPLUS, not only the capacity and operation of hydrogen generation plants can be designed in a cost-optimized way. The full cost index is also used to test and verify business models and the deployment and revenue planning of generation plants. In addition, the HydexPLUS forms the basis for optimized electricity or gas procurement (tailormade PPAs) based on the optimized mode of operation and future electricity price forecasts. Currently under discussion is whether the full cost index could be the basis for designing Carbon Contracts for Difference for industrial purchasers of green hydrogen.

If you have any further questions about the Hydex or HydexPLUS, please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues Dr. Philipp Heuser and Andreas Gelfort.

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