The nine network operators of E.ON are jointly implementing Redispatch 2.0. Since the beginning,
E-Bridge has been supporting them with content-related advice and organisational processing. After a long time, the Inter-network operator core team met physically again on 24 May at Syna GmbH in Frankfurt, where we were able to visit the new control centre after a productive workshop. Physical meetings are and remain an important element for successful cooperation.

The participants were:
Michael Deckarm (VSE), Torsten Preller (Syna), Michael Wiest (LVN), Philip Poth (EDT), Markus Untiedt (Syna), Philipp Laschet (E-Bridge), Lukas Mayerhofer (LVN), Sebastian Palm (VSE), Tobias Franke (Westnetz), Tino Lemberg (E.DIS), Daniel Engelbracht (Mitnetz Strom), Toni Reichelt (E.DIS), Andreas Weinand (E.DIS), Sebastian Wingender (E.DIS), Volker Scholz (Axians), Matthias-Michael Welsch (E.DIS), Stefan Gehler (SHN), Evelyn Gawehn (Mitnetz Strom), Stefan Bergermeier (Bayernwerk), Annika Schurtz (E-Bridge), Fahim Sadat (SHN), Andreas Susewind (Bayernwerk), Denise Becker (E.ON Force), Holger Lombard (Avacon), Philipp Knaup (EDT), Rica Kratzenstein (E.DIS), Matthias Wessels (E-Bridge)


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