The Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Energy Regulatory Agency) – referred to as BNetzA – has been assigned by the new Energy Law to develop an incentive regulation system for the electricity and gas supply systems in Germany. The BNetzA shall report to the Ministry of Economic Affairs by July 2006 about the cornerstones of an incentive system. The Ministry will issue a respective regulation on incentive regulation on the basis of this report. While developing an incentive system it is important to ensure that the quality of supply will be not unduly reduced.

The BNetzA asked E-Bridge to prepare a concept of quality regulation system, which shall ensure that the quality of supply is appropriately monitored and an appropriate quality level is stimulated. The quality of supply covers the system reliability, as well as the technical quality and commercial quality of electricity and gas. Special attention will be put on the regulation of safety, which is of particular importance, especially in the gas supply industry. The recommendations of E-Bridge will also take account of the different tasks and responsibilities of the federal regulatory agency and the various state regulators.

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