Developing a strategy for MaThe Internal Electricity Market (SEM) regulators in Ireland requested assistance in formulating the analysis strategy for their market monitoring team. This analysis strategy was required to take into account important new developments, such as the introduction of new markets under I-SEM (as of May 2018) and the new monitoring role of the Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) under the REMIT Directive (Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency Regulation).

E-Bridge provided the data component for the analytical strategy. This included investigating the data landscape available for monitoring and the potential suppliers of this data, in particular ACER and the Irish TSOs, as well as ACER’s monitoring activities under REMIT. In addition, the market monitoring activities of the European power exchange EPEX Spot were investigated.

The research culminated in a final analytical market monitoring report produced in July/August 2017, which provided guidance to Irish regulators on how to monitor I-SEM markets.

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