In the last year, the GASAG group has worked out a new management model. Within this process, basic principles concerning the management of the GASAG group were defined and it was decided to stronger orientate on business segments according to the value-added chain. Roles and responsibilities were defined with the objective to consistently implement the group goals.

The goal of the project is to evaluate the consistency of the overall strategy as well as management model of the GASAG group within the segment strategy “Grids”, to develop guiding principles for an entirely value-oriented segment strategy, and identify needs for action.

In the first project phase, a comparison between a target strategy and the actual status of the segment “Network” is evaluated and discussed in a workshop. During this phase, the value-based overall strategy was reviewed and gaps, if necessary, complemented.

In a second project phase, specific strategic principles in the areas of asset management, regulation management and concession management were developed. This phase contains three workshops: an analysis of external drivers and corporate values, a specification of strategic goals as well as an alignment of the strategic guiding principles for the three identified management segments.

The focus on strategic guiding principles at the interface between asset owner and asset manager enables decisions according to the GASAG group strategy concept.

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