H&R Ölwerke sought funding under the Ministry of the Environment’s Environmental Innovation Program. The funding is to be used for the construction of the necessary hardware to implement the innovative processes of selective aromatics hydrogenation.

The goal of E-Bridge’s consulting services was to describe the scope of the project in a comprehensible and concise manner so that potential funding sources would have an insight into the project. Since the funding volume had exceeded the limit of 15 million Euros, the EU notification process was to be additionally accompanied.

Based on the information provided, an initial overview of the project and the innovative process technology was prepared. Subsequently, the special features of the project were explicitly examined and highlighted in terms of environmental benefits. The points were explained in more detail in the outline and presented with regard to the requirements of the funding program.

Furthermore, the client was prepared with regard to possible next steps, such as the notification process. For this purpose, the law firm Linklaters was consulted, which subsequently provided advice on the legal issues.

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Dr. Philipp-Matthias Heuser
Principal Consultant
Leader Hydrogen