For the implementation of Nordic Regional Security Coordination Initiative (RSCI) Joint Office it is essential to formalize existing Nordic cooperation and to further develop the Nordic way thus emphasizing the Nordic identity and fostering the cooperation of Nordic Transmission System Operators (TSOs). The overall objective of the project is the implementation of the Nordic RSCI Joint Office in Copenhagen where employees of all Nordic TSOs will be working together and supporting the TSOs with different services regarding operation of the five coordination functions. Nordic RSCI Joint Office will be an important facilitator in providing transparency and a stronger Nordic identity and will strengthen the competence of the operators regarding the Nordic region as a whole as well as promoting individual Nordic TSO competence.

The main goals of the implementation project are the setup of organizational structures and legal framework of the Nordic RSCI Joint Office, the establishment of an efficient and high-quality office premise, the development of business processes and IT environments for operation of the five coordination functions. In addition, the cooperation with other RSCIs will become more important.

On the basis of the implementation plan Nordic TSOs started to establish the organization for the implementation of the Nordic RSCI Joint Office. After CEO decision in January 2016 the setup of the organizational structure of the implementation project has been initiated by setting up Nordic RSCI Board, assignment of a project manager, establishment of project core team and nomination of TSO project members for the four workstreams “Governance & Staffing”, “Hosting”, “Business Processes” and “Nordic RSCI IT” and contact groups “Finance”, “HR” and “Communication”.

E-Bridge was asked to develop a detailed project initiation document (PID) for the implementation phase of the Nordic RSCI Joint Office. The cornerstones of the PID have been defined in the implementation and business plan. The PID provides the necessary details on implementation of Nordic RSCI Joint Office regarding project goals, project organisation, implementation time plan and milestones as well as activity plans and deliverables of the project core team and workstreams. The PID has been developed in close coordination with the project manager and the project core team.

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