H2-Barometer Germany

H2-Barometer Switzerland (only German language)

The start of the first bidding round for climate protection contracts and the agreement on the power plant strategy will ensure increased demand for hydrogen in the future. At the same time, the approval of EU funding for German IPCEI projects supports the rapid development of the hydrogen core network. Further topics: How the climate protection contracts work and the role of the HydexPLUS© benchmark index as well as the expected development of the gas distribution networks.

Tobias Moldenhauer, Head of Hydrogen at EWE AG, gives exclusive insights into the company’s hydrogen activities in an interview.

New legislation in Switzerland and the industry’s open-minded attitude towards technology motivated the expansion of the Swiss barometer to include renewable methane. Find out more about the efficiency comparison with H2, the developments in the design and the status of the H2 strategy in the new issue.

You can find all the details in the latest editions of the H2 Barometer for Germany and Switzerland.

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H2_Barometer Q1-2024 (only German language)

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