As part of a joint assessment of the asset management situation between Hansewerk AG and E-Bridge, a target picture was defined and the need for action to further develop asset management was identified. On the one hand, challenges lie in external factors such as the high expansion of renewable energies in the supply areas of the grid operators belonging to Hansewerk and the prospective phase-out of natural gas use. On the other hand, they consist of efficiently coordinating the increasingly complex internal processes. The aim of the project is to further develop the existing asset management into a consistent management system according to ISO 55001.

E-Bridge has experience in designing and implementing asset management approaches according to ISO 55001 and has already led network operators to successful certification in asset management. As a first step for implementing the target picture, E-Bridge is developing a roadmap. In the implementation of the roadmap, E-Bridge supports Hansewerk in questions of organisational transformation including change management as well as in questions of the content-related interlocking of specialised strategies in asset management, as well as in project management and documentation suitable for certification. The achievement of the target picture ensures conformity with ISO 55001.

Hansewerk has established a consistent management system in asset management which is practised by the staff and managers. Hansewerk thus fulfils all the requirements of ISO 55001.

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