The hydrogen economy is gaining momentum at European and national level – details in the latest editions of the H2 Barometer for Germany and Switzerland

H2-Barometer Germany
H2-Barometer Switzerland (only German language)

Key developments, from ongoing negotiations on climate protection contracts to the latest EU decision to integrate gas network operators into the hydrogen network infrastructure, are in the spotlight. We are particularly pleased that the HydexPLUS H2 index offered by E-Bridge has become the leading index for climate protection contracts: Hydrogen Index – E-Bridge

In the interview with Sabine Augustin from OGE – Open Grid Europe, you can find out more about the central role of gas network operators. You can also read about the draft application for a Germany-wide H2 core network and the challenges in the space heating sector.In Switzerland, the investment climate is deteriorating. At the same time, neighbouring EU countries such as Germany and Austria are stepping up their grid planning activities (H2 core grid, SoutH2 corridor, amortisation account for grid investments).

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