Together with Polynomics, we are working to promote the hydrogen economy in Switzerland and to integrate renewable hydrogen into the energy mix in order to achieve Switzerland’s decarbonization goals efficiently and economically. But what framework do we need to achieve these ambitious goals?

✅ Swift connection to the European H2 backbone.

✅ Establishment of H2 technologies

✅ Suitable market environment with attractive framework conditions and support measures for green hydrogen

Our comprehensive study “Framework Conditions for Hydrogen in Switzerland”, which we had the privilege of preparing together with Polynomics and the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), on behalf of the Swiss Gas Industry Association (VSG), the Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (VSE) and several cross-connected companies, makes clear recommendations for action.

Based on the initial energy policy and regulatory situation in Switzerland, we have derived market development scenarios to show the need for action for a regulatory and support framework. Essentially, the following framework conditions need to be created:

✨ Creation of a long-term perspective for market players.

💰 Government investment support for import and storage infrastructures.

🔗 Supraregional and integrated planning option for hydrogen infrastructure across all stages of the value chain of companies.

Together, we are shaping a promising perspective for the hydrogen economy in Switzerland.

Download Study:

Framework conditions for hydrogen in Switzerland (German language only)

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