E-Bridge provides IT Project Management services for TSC (Transmission System Operator Security Cooperation) related to the realisation of the CTDS Functional Technical Release II. The IT Project Management considers two phases, an engineering phase and a construction phase including testing. The services are described in the following:

  • Coordinating the review of functional design documents including technical consultancy for the IT project management team consisting of CTDS User Group representatives and experts of the CTDS OMT
  • Preparation, moderation and participation of internal and external engineering workshops and conf calls
  • Continuous revision and assessment of (intermediate) outputs and providing feedback from CTDS User Group and OMT regarding the proposed solution towards the system developer (acting as single point of contact)
  • Signing of acceptance protocols for the engineering phase outputs
  • Participation in and providing technical consultancy during FAT and SAT
  • Coordinating SAT on CTDS Test & Acceptance environment
  • Assistance in training of CTDS User Group and IT Administrator
  • Planning, preparation and coordination of deployment
  • Signing of acceptance protocols for the construction phase

E-Bridge had already provided similar services to TSC for the development of the CTDS System since the beginning of 2009.

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