A broad consortium consisting of network operators, industry, plant operators, aggregators and suppliers in Brandenburg has published the “Master Plan Flexibility in Brandenburg’s Distribution Networks” with the support of E-Bridge. The core result is the “Brandenburg Model for the Development and Utilization of Flexibility” – a holistic solution approach with concrete implementation proposals for the EnWG, ARegV, EEG and StromNEV.

The results of the Master Plan were taken up by political decision-makers: In the unanimous resolution of the Conference of Economics Ministers of 17/18 June 2021, the economics ministers of the German Federal States concluded “that the measures taken to date are not sufficient to enable the market-driven development and use of flexibilities in the distribution grid.“

In the justification for their resolution, the economics ministers refer to the Master Plan as a “holistic model (…) aimed at the market-based use of flexibilities in addition to the existing redispatch regime.” The Master Plan forms the basis for the decision of the Conference of Economics Ministers.


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