ENTSO-E TSOs have decided to implement and enforce a higher level of coordination among the TSOs for operating the European transmission system as an answer to the challenge of the transformation of the European electricity system. In 2014 ENTSO-E defined the high-level requirements for the five coordination functions Improved Individual Grid Models/Common Grid Model Delivery (IGM, CGM), Coordinated Security Analysis (CSA), Coordinated Capacity Calculation (CCC), Short and Medium Term Adequacy (SMTA) and Outage Planning Coordination. ENTSO-E’s approach is based on a Multilateral Agreement (MLA) making participation in RSCIs mandatory for interconnected TSOs.

E-Bridge has advised the Working Group “Nordic RSCI Organization” (WG RSCI) in the elaboration and evaluation of governance models for a Nordic Regional Security Coordination Initiative (Nordic RSCI). This work was based on the premise that the RSCI will, as a minimum, provide services for the proposed Capacity Calculation Region (CCR) defined as “CCR Nordic” in accordance with the requirements set forth in Guideline on Capacity Allocation and Capacity Management (GL CACM).

E-Bridge has described jointly with the WG RSCI the expected benefits of a Nordic RSCI for the Nordic region and the proposed main principles for the Nordic RSCI.

An overview of the current status of Nordic cooperation regarding the RSCI functions and a more detailed description of the five coordination functions including the high-level business processes were developed. Also additional future cooperation areas, which will provide an added value for the Nordic cooperation, were evaluated.

Several potential Nordic RSCI models were investigated and evaluated against defined evaluation criteria. The two models, which were ranked best, were described in more detail regarding the potential governance structure and the business organisation. Also a resource estimate for these two models was provided.

The report and the recommendations of the WG RSCI have been presented to the Regional Group Nordic (RGN). The report was the decision basis for the CEOs to implement a joint office of the Nordic TSOs.

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