In the framework of the ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) network code implementation and especially the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2017/2195 of 23 November 2017 establishing a guideline on electricity balancing (GL-EB), the Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Switzerland, United Kingdom are partners to realization of an implementation project in the field of cross borders balancing. This project “Manually Activated Reserves Initiative” (MARI) involves several TSOs (a hereinafter called as: MARI project members) and national regulatory authorities in Europe.

In order to provide the proper support for the TSOs in the steering and organization of the project, the project parties commissioned E-Bridge to provide IT Project Support Services to ensure the appropriate functioning of the MARI project.

E-Bridge will help to coordinate the inputs preparation, facilitate exchange of information and will provide content support for documents preparation in the WG IT using experience from comparable projects such as XBID. E-Bridge support will increase efficiency of MARI project members in preparing for Go-Live of a European platform for the exchange of balancing energy from frequency restoration reserves with manual activation to increase the security of supply.

E-Bridge Consulting Berater - Kai Rendigs
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Kai Rendigs
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