Grid charges, levies, taxes and fees already make up the bulk of the electricity costs for many consumer groups. This system of price components is extremely complex due to a multitude of interactions, not transparent due to a number of exceptions and difficult to forecast in its mode of operation. Above all, however, some challenges of the present system are visible with regard to the future development of the energy management framework.

The aim of this study was to develop reform proposals for today’s system of network charges and governmental price components in order to strengthen and sustainably secure the welfare gain in Germany that results from the Energiewende. The study tried for the first time to assess the effects of the system on the different aspects of the energy market and related sectors. Therefore, an important function of the study was – apart from the development of corresponding reform approaches – to make the issue available for political decision-makers and for the public.

In the so-called basic study the challenge of today’s grid charges, levies and tax systems was worked out. This served as the basis for the development of concrete reform proposals, which are again elaborated in a further, in-depth study.

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Dr. Jens Büchner
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