The Nordic TSOs have been calculating and analyzing locational marginal prices for the Nordic synchronous system. These results will be used by ACER when they should make a decision on which alternative bidding zones to be evaluated and compared with the present ones in the bidding zone review. The next stage in the work is to start the preparations for the analysis of the alternative configurations. The analyses will start when ACER has reached a decision on the alternative bidding zone to be evaluated, which is expected for end of May or end of June in 2022.

Svenska kraftnät on behalf of the Nordic TSOs has assigned E-Bridge to act as project leader of the Nordic work as well as participate in this work as an expert in the area.

As the project is already set up and running, E-Bridge will conduct an efficient and lean start to gear up as quick as possible. The priorities during the start of the project are to develop a timeline, define the tool chain and the resourcing.

E-Bridge will lead the work in the Nordic bidding zone review including:

  • Develop project plan (time plan, resources, deliverables)
  • Follow up on progress
  • Schedule and prepare meetings and document meetings in the Nordic Bidding zone review Task force
  • Report to Nordic Steering group
  • Represent the Nordic TSOs in the ENTSO-E cooperation
  • Participate as an expert in the analysis needed to perform the review

According to European legislation, the bidding zone configurations in the EU shall be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure they are defined in an optimal way. The Nordic TSOs are involved in a pan-European study in which alternative bidding zone configurations are defined based on the expected presence of structural grid congestion in 2025. These configurations will be compared with the current configuration based on multiple perspectives such as economic efficiency, operational security and cross-zonal trade opportunities. The result will be a recommendation to either modify or retain the current bidding zones.

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