A large number of municipal utilities joint their efforts in managing the challenges of regulation. Scope of the project is to improve the knowledge about regulation and incentive systems, support the consistent interpretation of the collected data and to undertake consistency and plausibility checks of the data.

E-Bridge compared and analyzed data and identified areas to improve the data quality and consistency. Based on the provided information the network operators are able to justify major cost differences.

E-Bridge suggested common interpretation and definitions of the data in order to improve the consistency of the data base among the network operators. The collected data was run through different plausibility and consistency checks. E-Bridge provided an overview of the most important deadlines and prioritized the important actions and updated it regularly.

E-Bridge also conducts regular workshops on data collection, network pricing, unbundling requirements and about the principles of incentive regulation.

Small network operators, which usually suffer a significant administrative burden to respond to the regulatory requirements, could efficiently reduce the risk of exceeding the terms, delivering bad data about their own companies and finally reduce the risk of tariff nettings.

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Steffen Boche
Senior Consultant