The project “PICASSO” (Platform for the International Coordination of the Automatic frequency restoration process and Stable System Operation) currently involves 22 TSOs and their national regulatory authorities in Europe. E-Bridge was asked to support the PICASSO project partners during the implementation of the balancing platforms and to secure the deadline for the go-live.

PICASSO project has its own organization structure, which currently includes an Expert Group, a Steering Committee and a Chairperson of PICASSO SC. The senior project leader is responsible for ensuring the quality of the organization and preparation of the project meetings and telcos together with the project management. He has to prepare and organise the monthly Steering Committee physical meetings and the bi-weekly SC telcos. He has to maintain and monitor a clear high-level project plan and its correct translation by the PICASSO PMO in more detailed action plan with granular action points. Moreover, he has to ensure risks management and mitigation actions follow-up in cooperation with PICASSO PMO and an efficient communication and alignment between the different bodies of the project. His duties also include the organizing of the budgeting process, cost reporting and invoicing process and the steering of contractual and legal discussions in order to setup the target governance framework of the aFRR platform. He has to supervise the overall quality of the work of the PICASSO PMO, including but not limited to the action point follow-up and their execution, the minutes, the risk management, the deliverables, the maintenance of the project Sharepoint, the documentation of the project and the Decision register.

The project’s objective is to design, implement and operate an aFRR Platform compliant with the approved versions of the EBGL, SOGL and CACM, as well as other regulations, enhancing economic and technical efficiency within the limits of system security and integrating the European aFRR markets while respecting the TSO-TSO model.

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