Currently two power exchanges Nord Pool Spot and EPEX SPOT are designated as Nominated Electricity Market Operator (“NEMO”) in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, a second NEMO, EPEX SPOT, has requested to offer services for single day-ahead and single intraday coupling in the Nordic area. The arrangement is able to include more NEMOs, if further applications from other NEMOs would be received by the regulators in the future. Norway has not implemented all guidelines, but it is expected that Norway will have multiple NEMOs operational together with the other Nordic countries.

A TSO working group has been formed consisting of TSOs and recently cooperated with the two NEMOs. The aim of the dedicated group and the project description at hand is to develop and implement an arrangement that enables more NEMOs to offer day-ahead and intraday trading services within the same bidding zone, in this case a common arrangement for all the Nordic bidding zones.

E-Bridge supports the Nordic TSOs for the implementation of an arrangement of more NEMOS in the Nordic region.

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