The E.DIS has restructured its organizational structure for asset management activities. At the same time, the aim is to align the asset management processes with ISO 55001. If expedient, certification will be sought. It is to be claridied how a best practice approach according to ISO 55001 can be mapped in the new organizational structure (roles, responsibilities, etc.).

E-Bridge has experience in the conceptual design and implementation of asset management systems according to ISO 55001 and has already guided system operators to a successful certification in asset management. E-Bridge performed a quick check with E.DIS, in which as final step an individual target model for E.DIS was worked out in a workshop based on a GAP analysis.

A customized target model for the further development towards a value-oriented and risk-based asset management specific to E.DIS was developed. A roadmap for achieving the target model was created. The roadmap was specified in a project application for an implementation project.

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