We are very happy to welcome new faces at E-Bridge!

Besides the already introduced new colleagues Charlotte Weitzel, Maximilian Lauer and Henrik Schwaeppe these are:

  • Dr.-Ing. Milica Bogdanović, Senior Consultant, Focus: System analysis and simulations, data analytics
  • Vicky Bung, Consultant, focus: smart grids – §14a EnWG, PMO
  • Aiman Khan, consultant, focus: multi-client projects & program and project management
  • Christopher Kneip, Consultant, Focus: Grid Charges – §19 StromNEV, Redispatch
  • Alexander Schrief, Senior Consultant, Focus: Planning and operation of transmission networks, asset management

In addition, we are supported by our new intern Carina Schmidt and the working students Tristan Hansen and Georg Günzel.

They all bring new perspectives and excellent skills to E-Bridge and we are convinced that with them we will be able to accompany the energy transition even more successfully!

A warm welcome to you all !

Your contact

Dr. Henning Schuster
Executive Consultant