RNG is the electricity network operator in the Rhineland area, which operates the networks of RheinEnergie and various neighbouring energy supply companies. RNG asked E-Bridge to develop a roadmap of a risk based asset management system (RAM). The RAM-method does not only include technical risks, but also focuses on the economical and regulatory risks. Scope of the RAM is the development of an objective and stable basis for future investments and operation and maintenance costs.

E-Bridge analyzed the cost structure of RNG and developed a simulation to forecast the network costs considering various accounting standards, the forecast of the revenues, considering the regulatory model and the anticipated development of the efficiency level. Also, E-Bridge developed a model to simulate the number of interruptions of supply, based on the age profiles of the lines, cables and substations, including today’s replacement and O&M strategies. The model calculates the development of the O&M costs as well as the required investment level.

The RAM-concept provides a contribution to various strategic plans and the regular business plans.

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