ENTEGA AG, as an integrated regional energy supplier, is confronted with the opportunities and challenges of all stages of the value chain in the H2 economy. Our colleagues Gerald Blumberg and Philipp Heuser worked with the Group’s Executive Board and Corporate Development to develop a cross-divisional and consistent positioning in this future market. The results, strategic implications and specific recommendations for implementation were discussed as part of the final presentation.

Key findings and recommendations include new business cases in H2 generation, long-term target network planning that is dovetailed with the commercial risk assessment and innovative sales concepts for gas and heating customers. In addition, a regular review of the strategic direction is necessary to ensure long-term success as an energy supplier in the dynamic market development. We are proud that E-Bridge Consulting and ENTEGA AG are working together on the highly exciting topics of the H2 economy!

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Gerald Blumberg
Principal Consultant