ENTSO-E currently uses the so-called PEMMDB (pan-European market modelling database) to carry out various studies. For this purpose, various values and forecasts are collected centrally by the TSOs. Currently, however, this “database” is only available in file form and is thus severely limited in its usability. The aim of the project is to describe the (non-) functional requirements of a central database infrastructure and the interfaces to it, so that these can be used for a tendering procedure.

Together with ENTSO-E, the previous work was reviewed and the status quo of the PEMMDB in file form was examined. Based on this work, a comprehensive data warehouse was described, which should map the PEMMDB in the future. In addition, the requirements for the interfaces to the data warehouse were identified, which are needed for the input, manipulation and a corresponding export of the data for further processes. In addition to the classical requirements, E-Bridge supported ENTSO-E with a dedicated mock-up, which illustrates the functionality of the central interface and the database and ensures a high level of understanding on the part of the potential provider.

The results of the work will be used to find a suitable supplier for the software solution as a technical annex in the tender process. In addition, the mock-up can also be used as a prototype in other ENTSO-E projects to efficiently describe the functionality of the PEMMDB.

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Tuncay Türkucar
Executive Consultant