The challenges for the distribution grids due to the energy transition have been increasing for years. Current political developments such as the Easter package and the war in Ukraine are increasing the pressure to accelerate the energy transition – and thus the grid integration of even more renewable energy plants into the distribution grids. The most important instrument for the distribution system operators to implement the resulting requirements efficiently is a sophisticated asset management. Lechwerke Verteilnetz (LVN) has therefore decided to align its asset management with ISO 55001. For a pragmatic and quick implementation, it is orienting itself towards the best practice approach of E-Bridge.

Based on the E-Bridge best practice approach, a target picture is developed. In the next step, a gap analysis is carried out comparing the actual status with the target picture – and thus automatically also with the requirements of ISO 55001. The gaps are prioritised according to the operational benefit in closing them and the missing parts of asset management are built up and integrated into the existing tools of the LVN. E-Bridge provides a trained lead auditor for ISO 55001 at regular intervals to objectively check the maturity level. After achieving certification maturity, a certification body is commissioned with the official certification.

LVN increases the efficiency and effectiveness of its asset management as well as the clarity of roles and responsibilities, decisions are made systematically risk-based and documented in a comprehensible way.

LVN is certified according to ISO 55001 after project completion.

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