For the efficient and coordinated use of redispatch measures in line with the CACM Regulation, the four German TSOs are developing a central optimization tool. The service, called Redispatch Determination Server (RES), represents the functionality required by the German TSOs. In conjunction with the Redispatch Settlement Server (RAS), it will play a central role in the German redispatch system.

Within the ambitious large-scale IT project, TransnetBW is looking for professional project support that will assist with the site acceptance, data management and commissioning of the RES, among other things, as well as relieving the internal project organization.

E-Bridge supports the project along the entire value chain in project management, as well as the final specification and testing of the application. In this process, the design relevant test cases are specified together with the customer and the various components are tested in close coordination with the software supplier. The use of various tools and scripts ensures effective data management and can effectively relieve the project, as well as ensure a successful project flow. In addition, E-Bridge prepares comprehensive documentation for shift suitability, so that the RES can be transferred to live operation with high efficiency.

By supporting the project team, the ambitious approach in the project and a fully comprehensive test and acceptance of the RES will be realized in the project schedule. In addition, E-Bridge will accompany the commissioning and parallel operation and thus enable a successful introduction of the RES.

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Cai Oliver Thier
Senior Consultant