The TSO plans an analysis and optimization of business processes and organizational structures in the System Operation department with the objective to establish business process excellence and best practice structures in the time horizon 2020. Subject of the analysis is on the one hand the analysis of the current status quo, for which some analysis areas have already been identified. Furthermore additional analysis areas need to be identified by the consultant. In addition to the optimization of the status quo the consultant need to propose adjustments that need to be implemented in order perform optimal business processes and establish efficient organizational structures in the System Operation department.

The project approach is divided into four project phases.

Phase 1 (Documentation of current status):

  • review existing process descriptions (processes, IT systems and organizational and procedural interfaces)
  • interviews / workshops with process stakeholders
  • classification and structuring of the processes (core processes, support processes) and developing of process maps
  • initial evaluation of the actual process landscape and cross-check with necessary status quo requirements
  • description and completion of the analysis areas
  • process documentation

Phase 2 (analysis status quo and definition of future business requirements):

  • development of a Process-Resources-Matrix (processes, interfaces, resources, IT systems)
  • detailed analysis of the identified analysis areas
  • definition of future requirements and identification of issues that influence the business processes and organisational structures
  • deriving concrete scenarios for the necessary development and change of processes and organisation
  • detailed impact analysis on current processes and structures (gap analysis) and definition and proposals for the necessary business adjustments

Phase 3 (target landscape):

  • deriving and evaluating different options / structures for the future target process and organisation landscape
  • final specification and documentation of the target landscape
  • definition of suitable key performance indicators for monitoring of the process quality and development of monitoring procedures
  • development of a roadmap 2015-2020 for the implementation of the target landscape

Phase 4 (TSO-TSO best practice comparison):

  • definition of topics for information exchange with other TSOs
  • organization and preparation of workshop sessions
  • moderation of workshops
  • documentation and analysis of results
  • deriving of suitable measures for further optimization of the target landscape


  • High level of understanding of the business processes and organizational structures in the area of System Operation;
  • Comprehensive methodological expertise and experience in the analysis of processes and organizational structures;
  • Deep knowledge and experience of interactions of energy industry and national and international legislation and regulation.
  • Development of processes and structuring of organizational and operational organizations;
  • Extensive practical experience in the implementation of best practice comparisons;

Result and benefits

  • deriving and evaluating options for a sustainable structure of the System Operation department.
  • deriving necessary personnel capacities including the assignment of tasks.
  • description and prioritization of tasks identified for key positions and required skills.
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