Doubling the investment volume, implementation of the Easter package, the transport transition, the heating transition, … The energy transition is placing ever more demands on distribution grid operators. In order to meet the requirements and make the best possible decisions in the development of their grids, Syna is developing its asset management into a value-oriented and risk-based asset management system.

E-Bridge is proud to accompany Syna. With our ISO55001-compliant best practice model, we enable an
✔ Individualization of the approach
✔ Quick, resource-saving implementation
✔ Practice-oriented design
✔ Early benefit in day-to-day business
We provide support with methodological know-how, energy industry expertise and stringent project management.

At the kick-off, the managers from asset management, planning and construction as well as operations agreed: “How much benefit do you see in the introduction of the asset management system presented?” ➡ 5 out of 5 stars!

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Matthias Wessels
Principal Consulant