The EU regulation on information transparency 543/2013 requires TSOs to perform frequent data uploads to the EMFIP platform In order to comply with these requirements, Amprion aims to develop the Transparency & Information Facility (TRINITY) as an integrated IT environment.

E-Bridge supports Amprion in

  • identifying and consolidating the data sources of EMFIP publications;
  • resolving pending decisions and open issues concerning the local implementation strategy;
  • editing the requirement specifications for the TRINITY system;
  • selecting a software provider and supervising the implementation process;
  • coordinating the compliance tests of TRINITY with the EMFIP platform.

A project phase of requirement analysis and specification started in January 2014. The go-live of the EMFIP platform and TRINITY will be due in January 2015. It is a principal goal of the project to ensure that Amprion fully complies with EU requirements on information transparency. TRINITY can serve as the basis for Amprion to establish cost-effective publication processes, and to efficiently manage and control the full spectrum of their data publications to a variety of partners and platforms.

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