The Luxembourg Transmission System Operator (TSO), Creos Luxembourg SA (Creos), asked E-Bridge to assist in the implementation of a new interconnector as Project Management Office (PMO) and with expertise. The aim of the project named IC BeLux is the technical and commercial integration of the new interconnector in the existing Central Western Europe (CWE) processes. A connection between the Belgian and Luxembourg market side control area and a connection between the Belgian and German-Austrian-Luxembourg bid zone is created network technically.

Apart from the installation of the new interconnector, all areas of technical and commercial integration were included, such as operational planning, PST coordination, schedule management, regulatory approvals, contract adjustments, integration into the day-ahead flow-based market coupling, IT adjustments and testing.

Besides Creos, Amprion and Elia were primarily involved in the IC BeLux project. The project was controlled via a steering committee and a close cooperation between the Creos’ project manager and the E-Bridge PMO. In addition, E-Bridge supported workgroups of both content and organization in the handling of various work packages.

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