The integration of emission-free hydrogen is a central pillar in the implementation of the energy transition. Particularly in sectors of the economy that are difficult to decarbonise, hydrogen can make a significant contribution to replacing fossil fuels. The goal is a technically feasible and economically efficient integration of this energy carrier into the sustainable energy system of the future.

In a particularly dynamic market environment, investors, grid operators, consumers and regulators alike are confronted with major challenges and complex issues. In addition to a massive expansion of renewable energies for the required provision of green electricity, there are also questions to be answered about investment decisions, infrastructure design and market design.

To support the development of a hydrogen economy, E-Bridge not only employs consultants who have been dealing with the issues of the hydrogen economy for years, but also regularly publishes the price indexes “Hydex” and “HydexPLUS” as well as the H2 Barometer to regularly assess the investment climate in the hydrogen economy.

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Dr. Philipp Heuser
Senior Consultant

Investors and producers (upstream)

  • Evaluation of business models and market verification for investors
  • Optimization of electricity procurement for electrolysis (Tailor-made PPA)
  • Forecasts and reviews of marginal and full costs of H2 production
  • Site identification and support for grid connection

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Andreas Gelfort
Senior Consultant

Gas network operator (Midstream)

  • Target network planning for gas network operators
  • Coordination and design of an implementation roadmap for network conversions
  • Regionalization of predicted H2 demands, involving the E-Bridge energy model
  • Workshops on opportunities and challenges of network-bound H2 transport

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Gerald Blumberg
Principal Consultant

Customer (Downstream)

  • Evaluation of H2 competitiveness
  • Optimization of H2 procurement (Tailor-made HPA – Hydrogen Purchase Agreements)
  • Forecasts and reviews of H2 prices
  • Procurement analysis of origin certificates (certificates for green hydrogen)

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Lorenz Valk

 Regulators and regulatory authorities

  • Outlook on the development of the hydrogen economy
  • Evaluation of funding instruments and design of the regulatory framework
  • Recommendations for the design of the legal framework, market design, and legal implementation

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Leona Jovy